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Houston Rapper Chamillionaire's Open letter About Retiring

Several days ago, I did a live broadcast from my site,, to let fans know where I am right now and what my intentions are musically for the future. Instead of clearing things up, the broadcast unintentionally spawned rumors of my retirement from music. Since then, I have been bombarded with emails and phone calls regarding my so-called retirement and the reasons behind me not dropping the promised "Venom" album.

BET Denounces Lil Wayne & Drake Performance During MJ Tribute

So today after recieving news that  a whooping record breaking 11 million viewers checked in to watch the BET Awards this past Sunday night in anticipation of seeing a Tribute to Michael Jackson just 2 or 3 days after his death, BET has finally responded to all the criticism.  It responded by giving an exclusive statement to All Hip Hop where they denounce the performance of Lil Wayne and Drake.  An exclusive statement to AHH?  Wow.. there was no press release issued by Debra Lee or Stephen Hill.. There was no notification on their website as of 7:45 am PST… All I can do is shake my head..  Of course they do this on the day of our three day holiday when everyone is out and about..

Straight from the ATX-meet Public Offenders

When many of us who don’t live in the South think of rap music coming from that area, we sadly associate the music as being less then conscious or socially uplifting. And while it is true there are some artists who may just spit lyrics around the topics of bling, fancy rims and their pimping abilities, such topics were not created by Southern rappers nor are those topics their exclusive domain.

To the degree that one might label such topics as ignorance, bear in mind ignorance is everywhere. It's in New York - the birthplace of Hip Hop. It’s in Cali - home to numerous socially conscious movements and organizations. It's found in mainstream rap and it's found in the underground. Let’s not get it twisted.

Vibe Magazine Closes its Doors

We aren't surprised by this latest scenario. It was just a matter of time before Vibe along with other music industry outlets closed its doors. The main reason is because these entities are too closely aligned to the music industry.