This is by no means a complete CMJ Listing

But it's some stuff that has caught my eye tonight. I'll post more info in the days to come as it comes across my face. But yeah man it's goin' down! CMJ Week is upon us! Here's a few events I'ma try to hit up.

Tuesday Oct. 20th

8 p.m. - papercranes - Living Room, Michael Olatuja - DROM
10:45 p.m. - David Dallas - Red Bull Space
11:00 p.m. - Wiz Khalifa - Southpaw
11:40 p.m. - Puba - Southpaw


Wednesday Oct. 21st

8:35 p.m. - Pac Div - DROM
10:30 p.m. - Azeem - The ROse
11 p.m. - The Very Best - Le Pousouine ROuge
11:30 p.m. - Miz Metro - DROM
12 a.m. - David Dallas - The Rose


Thursday Oct. 22nd

Mayer Hawthorne, Buff 1 & 14kt and MOJOELast Week - REALLY WENT DOWN!

Man, a week late on this one here. I just haven't had time to sit and resize and blah blah blah blah, I'm gonna try to get some CMJ events up here on the blog tonight as well so check back if you'll be in NYC this week and holler if you wanna link up.

Anyway yeah man, Mojoe went on first last Saturday at Red 7 and straight killed it.

Soulful Texas Hip-Hop Is Not Dead!

Real talk man, an AustinSurreal favorite, from San Antonio - MOJOE!

Jesus Lizard on the Major Networks#funfunfunfestpreview

Thanks to my boy Pete Stadtmueller and www.punknews.org for the heads up on this. Getting excited now.

And yo this weekend I'ma try to do a proper Fun Fun Fun Fest preview like how I did last year so y'all know how much it is really goin' down. I just got the after party list and yeah, I'ma be seeing Negative Approach up in the Red 7, are you?

Though I have to admit I was hoping for a Melt Banana DJ set and a Conversation with Glenn Danzig interviewed by Rad Richard on the Mohawk stage or something but oh well I SHOULDA BEEN MORE PROACTIVE!

Deuce Poppi - My White Friends

Man I don't usually post things from outside my region, and funny raps usually aren't my favorite thing in the world. But this man Deuce Poppi done did the damn thang for real.

He is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my hip-hop travels. Funny haha, not funny as in "funny." Dude is genuinely hilarious. He has a wry wit that just does not stop. I met him back in 2002 when I was in Miami for Murder Dog, I spent like 5 days there and he pretty much rolled with us for a good amount of the time. Dude cracked me up, and I think also scored me a couple nickle bags. Ha. But yeah man, I remember having a "white friends" talk way back then, and I honestly thought he was about to blow. Always had hope cuz dude is talented and pretty genuine man.

And has a worldly vision beyond a lot of the folks I have met.

Jasiri X = The One

Seriously, his weekly flows have been killer. Dude is not faking the funk at all. Go back and watch all the videos and start with this one. It's real.

Trae Oslo Photos Up Now!

Word to Juicy Ent! Lets get that Winter Equinox party poppin'!

Click here to see the pics of Trae live in concert in OSLO!

Remembering Rapper's Delight - 30 Years Ago It Was Born

Sugarhill Gang came to life 30 years agoWith all the sudden deaths that have affected us this year -from Michael Jackson to Roc Raida to Mr Magic to local KPOO radio legend Clarence ‘Swig’ Swiggins, it's been hard to sit back, catch a breath and notice some of the landmark dates that have impacted our culture. My boy Bruce Banter from playahata.com hit me up to remind me that today was the 30th anniversary of Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang.. Wow that’s a long time…

I’m not sure of the exact date if it was October 13th 1979, but I do recall when I first heard the song it was definitely in the fall of 1979. I think almost everyone who was around at that time has a ‘This is how Sugarhill Gang’ impacted me story.


Man I am crying right now, can't believe I missed this DAMN! Well, at least we have some FOOTAGE. Peep it out. Big thanks to my man Joro and my man Patski Love for bringing Trae for his first European shows!

Last Night In ATX: Pitbull, Blu Jemz, Waajeed, Chicks

Yeah man yet another night in my city where it really, trilly, went down.

Humid as fuck, I was tired, but still and all, yes, it really went down.

Anyway, word to Rozone Productions once again for putting on a fine show. Pitbull came out and came off man. Bit of a band behind him - a KILLER drummer, great percussionist and a keyboard player I couldn't hear really well cuz the bass was blasting my skull - and he just WRECKED!

I know my readers are a lil surprised that I was at a Pitbull show. I tend to steer more towards the reality raps, rather than the club raps, but fact is Pitbull has used his platform to spit some really real stuff over his career and he always has something to say.

Slim Thug on politics, the economy, change and Voting

Houston, TX rapper Slim Thug gets political and speaks n the economy, the upcoming election, change and the importance of voting in the 2008 presidential election.