Hip-Hop This Weekend in AUSTIN!

As we all sit here and wait for SXSW to finally be upon us, there's plenty to do in the meantime.

Including three hip-hop shows Friday night (that I know of at least), and the Grand Opening of the NICE KICKS store on the Drag Saturday.

If ya don't know, Nice Kicks is a website devoted to the Sneaker Head lifestyle. And it's based right here in Austin. My man Matt is opening a physical store, at 2815 Guadalupe St. And Bun B and DJ Clark Kent will be in the place for this momentous opening! Legends! Word is another legend, Dante Ross will be in the house as well. Are you ready for this???

SXSW Hip-Hop Line UpAnd Such

OK So here's what we have so far. ALL INFORMATION SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Times can change, groups can drop out, some may be added, um, things change and even though its right around the corner, it's also still a month away. I mean, less than a month. Yeah, I'm losing it a bit over here SO DON'T COME ROUND TRIPPIN' ON ME.

And you can see the whole schedule of over 1800 musical entities on www.sxsw.com of course, but I like to break down the hip-hop and the what have you that I think you may like, in one post. Hope to see you in Austin March 17 - 21.

You can see below what I have been doing lately, as opposed to say, blogging on the regular. Not much to say til now. (Sitting at my desk, yelled at an agent today, got yelled at by a manager, yelled back, typed a lot, worried about carpal tunnel syndrome, listened to 200 bands today, etc. That'd be boring for you.)

AustinSurreal Radio Playlist and Link to Listen to the Archive

Yeah man it's really real being back on the radio. Radio KAOS is THAT jump off for real man. Has me feeling so good, even in the most stressful time of my year and such.

Anyway yeah, you can listen to the archive of the latest show, and I guess a bunch more as they are done BY CLICKING HERE.

You can download it or stream it, and below you can see the latest playlist. It's a slumper.

Bun B - Pants on the Ground
Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Dorrough, Slim Thug - Main Event
Truth Universal - The More Things Change
Orgone - Who Knows Who
Ocote Soul Sounds - El Diablo Y El Nau Nau
Ayah - Might Not Be
Daniel Francis Doyle - Fighters Son
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
Yppah - They Know What The Ghost Knows
Strange Boys - Be Brave
Jazzus Lizard - Seasick
Amplive - Gary Is A Robot
Bird Peterson - Hormones

OK a bit of good news

The SXSW Music Fest Schedules are up.

All info subject to change. And some will. And I'll break down the hip-hop events and things of that nature and info will be added daily and it's really goin' down March 17 - 21st. Can't wait to see you all out here in Austin.

Rest In Peace Flavia RoncelliOne of my favorite friends...

Got online to do the radio show, that you may or may not be hearing right now (12:05 a.m. Monday Feb. 15th), checked my email and found out that one of my greatest friends has passed away.

Rest in Peace Flavia Roncelli

These pics are from when I last saw here, November of last year in Amsterdam on my way to Den Haag. I was supposed to get picked up at the airport and driven to the Crossing Border Festival, but I decided to go into the city and see Flavia.


Feel my excitement, cuz yes, it's really goin' down tonight and every Sunday night thereafter - AUSTIN SURREAL with PUSHERMANIA on RADIO KAOS!

1pm - 1am tonight CENTRAL TIME!

You can tune in on the internet at www.kaosradioaustin.org

You can find it on Itunes and it'll be available on the Radio KAOS site and also iTunes as a podcast (please subscribe).

It's #texasday !!!

Yeah man not too much to post on the subject myself cuz I ain't got no MTV Jams (though I'd love it if one of y'all would put it on Justin.tv and discreetly let me know). But today the man Dr. Teeth and the ma'am Cherelle Renee done went and interviewed all sorts of artists from Texas, new and old and all relevant and jammin' for this special all Texas day on MTV JAMS. Go check it out and lemme know how it's goin'.

Bun B Interviews Houston Rap Pioneer Lil Troy

Houston legend Bun B interviewing Houston pioneer Lil Troy about the history and legacy of the city's burgeoning rap scene.

Houston Native Beyonce on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes Interview w/ Houston native Beyonce