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Healthcare Debate pt1 - Hilda Solis on Southern Shift TV

US secretary of Labor Hilda Solis talks about health reform in her address to the Campaign for America's Future.

Healthcare Debate pt2 - Howard Dean on Southern Shift TV

Governor Howard Dean speaks about the importance of having a public option in this Healthcare debate. He talks about the resistence expected from Republican opposition.

Healthcare Debate pt3 Dr Salomeh Keyhani on Southern Shift TV

Dr. Salomeh Kayhani speaks to the myth of rationed care. She shows how insurance companies do rationed care and why a public option is important.

Healthcare Debate pt4 - Dr Salomeh Keyhani on Southern Shift TV

We continue listening to the discussion by Dr Salomeh Keyhani as she breaks down the myth of rationed healthcare. She concludes by talking about the types of over the top tactics the GOP opposition is willing to engage.


Did Obama Punk Out to the GOP & Insurance Companies? - Public Option is Outta Here

I am here in Washington, DC this morning and all this weekend the buzz is Obama has already cut a backroom deal with the insurance companies and skittish Senators. He seems determined to once and for all publicly derail the Public Option. Translation: people are now at the mercy of insurance companies. Translation: a whole lot of folks are about to be screwed royally.

If Obama backs out as indicated it will mean a loss and hence you can expect all other controversial measures including Immigration Reform to be off the table. You can also expect a more aggressive GOP. In spite of being the minority they will be even more emboldened and may actually push to put the smash on people even more.

Houston We Have a Problem - Racism & Sexism Allegations Singe Fire Department

(Houston TX) we have a problem. Sadly it's the age old problem of racism and sexism which was supposed to be disappearing in this new Era of Obama within a city that is now the third largest in the country. 

AustinSurreal Cultural Exchange

Forgive me for being so behind on my YouTubing but I was just on the internet tonight, saw these, and thought I would share them. Devin the Dude live in Germany and Lars Vaular live in Texas.

Devin the Dude in Berlin and Munster Germany!

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More from the Realest Rapper Out Right Now: INVINCIBLE

My girl STAYS makin' moves. She puts the active in activist for real. Girl has my heart for real with every song she does, and that ain't no sappy shit that's some real fuckin' talk. Every rapper who reads this site needs to sit down and really listen to her and see how she is saying more in one song than you have all year. Straight up man, this shit floors me. Word to K-Salaam & Beatnick!

Invincible produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick - The Emperor's Clothes
Directed by Maha Bazzy and Wesley Taylor

Seriously do yourself a favor and go visit Invincible/Emergence Music's new travel agency: EMERGENCE TRAVEL AGENCY.

It's not a travel agency but it will take you places you need to go.

I been sayin' it, and I mean it, REALITY RAP IS NOT DEAD. No matter what Viacom, your local radio, all these other blogs, tweeters and industry hoes tell you.

Austin Artist Martin Perna of Antibalas Makes Moves

Antibalas Founder Martin PernaAntibalas (pronounced /?nti?b?l?s/[dubious – discuss], or approximately “ahn-tee-BAH-las”, from the Spanish for “bulletproof”) is a Bushwick, Brooklyn based afrobeat band that is modeled after FelaKuti’s Africa 70 band and EddiePalmieri’s Harlem River Drive Orchestra. Although their music is primarily afrobeat, it incorporates elements of jazz, funk, dub, improvised music, and traditional drumming from Cuba and West Africa.

Founded 1998 by Martín Perna as “Conjunto Antibalas,” the group played its inaugural concert in May 26, 1998 at St. Nicks Pub in Harlem at a night organized by artist Xaviera Simmons. Over the course of the next few months, the group solidified with a core of eleven band members and began to develop a repertoire of original songs. Guitarist and producer/engineer Gabriel Roth wrote several of the earlier tunes and oversaw recording and production of the first three records.

We sat down with Martin in Austin, Texas and talked to him about everything under the sun - from the founding of Antibalas to Immigration reform to whether or not Hip Hop is Funk or Soul. We talked about his other group Ocolte Soul and how he had adjusted to Texas/Tejano music...We also talked about the group’s recent collabo with the Roots.

Very insightful interview…Click the link below to listen to Breakdown FM Interview.

An Interview w/ Martin Perna of Antibalas

What's on your mind? What's in your heart?

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