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We're in a Recession and President Obama is Funding More Prisons

At the same time the Obama administration is talking about a dramatic “spending freeze” on any and all projects unrelated to war-making, this is exactly what’s in store, it is quietly increasing the federal budget for even more prisons.

Is Ron Paul a White Supremacist?

With Texas Congressman Ron Paul winning the straw poll at last week's CPAK convention for who should be the next President, a few things came to the surface. First, we saw evidence of a split in the Republican Party when Paul got booed after it was announced he won. The conclusion I drew is that many in the GOP aren't too fond of the Libetarian oriented ideology of Paul and many of his followers. The other thing that came up is Paul's association with white supremacist groups who to this day express admiration for him.

 Two years ago during the New Hampshire primaries I interviewed Paul and asked him how he felt about having organizations like the Ku Klux Klan donating money to his campaign...

Hip-Hop This Weekend in AUSTIN!

As we all sit here and wait for SXSW to finally be upon us, there's plenty to do in the meantime.

Including three hip-hop shows Friday night (that I know of at least), and the Grand Opening of the NICE KICKS store on the Drag Saturday.

If ya don't know, Nice Kicks is a website devoted to the Sneaker Head lifestyle. And it's based right here in Austin. My man Matt is opening a physical store, at 2815 Guadalupe St. And Bun B and DJ Clark Kent will be in the place for this momentous opening! Legends! Word is another legend, Dante Ross will be in the house as well. Are you ready for this???

Civil Rights Leaders Al Sharpton & Tavis Smiley Square off Over Barack Obama and a Black Agenda

Al sharpton and Tavis Smiley
Civil rights leader Al Sharpton got into a spirited back and forth with TV talk show host Tavis Smiley on his radio show on Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010...
The conversation had people riveted and talking about the issue at hand and the pettiness and egos that seemed to be front and center in a conversation between two gentlemen who see themselves as good examples to follow...

Former Rivals Chamillionaire & Paul Wall Re-unite-Set to Kick Off Tour at SXSW

Chamillionaire and Paul Wall have had a tumultuous relationship, one that has been filled with ups and downs over the years. After becoming rhyming partners, they were a staple in the independent album circuit, releasing such underground classics as Get Ya Mind Correct.

Anger in the Nation: Was Joe Stack a Hero or Terrorist & Did We Mourn Vernon Hunter?

There’s no excuse for taking an innocent life especially in the manner that has been attributed to Joseph Andrew Stack, the Austin pilot who rammed his plane into a seven story building in North Austin near where the IRS office was housed. By now we've all heard the reports about him setting his house on fire. We heard about the rantings he left in what appears to be a suicide note of sorts that was posted on his now disabled website.

SXSW Hip-Hop Line UpAnd Such

OK So here's what we have so far. ALL INFORMATION SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Times can change, groups can drop out, some may be added, um, things change and even though its right around the corner, it's also still a month away. I mean, less than a month. Yeah, I'm losing it a bit over here SO DON'T COME ROUND TRIPPIN' ON ME.

And you can see the whole schedule of over 1800 musical entities on of course, but I like to break down the hip-hop and the what have you that I think you may like, in one post. Hope to see you in Austin March 17 - 21.

You can see below what I have been doing lately, as opposed to say, blogging on the regular. Not much to say til now. (Sitting at my desk, yelled at an agent today, got yelled at by a manager, yelled back, typed a lot, worried about carpal tunnel syndrome, listened to 200 bands today, etc. That'd be boring for you.)

How and Why the Congressional Black Caucus Has Become More Corporate & a Fundraising Powerhouse

The NY Times recently wrote a compelling article on the growing fundraising influence and corporatization of the Congressional Black Caucus. The article is eye opening on a number of levels... First, it outlines some of the ways money exchanges hands in Washington which is something we should always be informed about.

This article outlines all the ways that Washington is disfunctional in terms of how policies and laws are literally brought and paid for, and with the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money and resources in elections this is likely to get worse…

The fact that the Congressional Black Caucus has always described itself as the conscience of the Congress, makes this story even more troubling…

Have We Been Hit w/ an Economic Bomb & Financial Coup Designed to Cripple & Destroy the Middle Class?

I been saying this for a minute after seeing friends and family lose jobs, have their 401ks jacked and not be able to get credit… That what is taking place seems like a deliberate well planned out attack… I called it an attempt from the rich and powerful to crush working Americans and get them back on the plantation begging for a job. With that would come all sorts of concessions including lower wages, less benefits and longer hours. I saw it as an economic enslavement