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The Supreme Court? Is This Why We Vote For Democrats?

When liberal leaning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced that he was retiring, many of us who voted for President Obama assumed that with a 59 seat majority in the Senate, he would pick a justice that would reflect some of the progressive leaning views of the millions who voted for him... Apparently we figured wrong. Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report goes in on Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and leaves us wondering if the Democrats are worth supporting. With Supreme Court picks like these who needs Republicans?

-Davey D-

AUSTIN! This Thursday Looks Crazy

Once again, too much to do and this isn't even all of it.

Cypress Hill gone start my night out at Stubb's.

Probably end it at the ND for AZZ EVERYWHERE with Rusty Lazer, Big Freedia and more NOLA Bounce insanity on another level.

Drill baby Drill: is it Socialism if we 'Bail Out' Those Impacted by the BP Oil Disaster

Over the past year lots of folks, in particular those residing in the Gulf Coast states currently impacted by the BP Oil Disaster, have railed against the evils of socialism. They claimed they did not want any sort of government restrictions on businesses and they didn't think folks who have a failed business should be bailed out. Shoiuld we allow the ecology and the economy of the Gulf Coast to sink since in theory this is what people have advocated. Should we remind folks about the 'Drill Baby Drill' slogans they chanted? Should we allow them to show us how one can recover from such a horrific far reaching tragedy without government intervention?

Austin I haven't forgotten youBut man there's a lot going on in Houston right now

I mean seriously, from this whole Trae tha Truth vs. Radio One thang, to ALL THESE EVENTS, Houston, man, it's really goin' down out there. I'ma be up and down 290 a lot in these next few weeks.

Art Car Parade photos are below, but first a note from people whose events I am extremely excited for.

The Houston Palestine Film Festival is always a wonderful event. Films from their side of the world and such. Eye opening, entertaining and IMPORTANT.

I wanna come to the kick off party (and might) but shit man, in AUstin same night is Cypress Hill, Big Freedia with Rusty Lazer, DJ Qbert, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth tour kick off show, SuperLiteBike Release party, man, hold up, I need to stay here Thursday but I'ma try and catch some films in the next couple weeks.

Will The Youth Vote Trump Tea Party In Midterm Elections?

The Youth VoteOne of the most important unasked questions this midterm election year is this: “Will the youth vote be a factor in 2010?” Given the actual impact of the youth vote in 2008, it’s a far more important question than the ones daily raised by the media manufactured so-called Tea Party Movement–despite the latter’s success at striking fear in the hearts of incumbents.

The Tea Party murmuring is hardly a movement. It has not a single political victory to speak of. Not so easy to dismiss are young voters who two years ago turned out in record numbers to vote in the presidential election. Two-thirds of the 23 million voters 18-29 who voted for president in 2008, voted for Barack Obama.

Un-American America (Why Fear-Mongering is So Damn Frightening)

Nida Khan We are living in precarious and dangerous times. The economy remains unstable, joblessness is continuously skyrocketing, development is stagnant and unpredictable circumstances around the world are exacerbating the fears of many. But what is also quietly bubbling underneath the surface is a far more treacherous and detrimental push for a shift in American psychology that in effect undermines the core principles upon which this great nation was founded. It is the concerted, conscious effort to stoke the qualms of many with a great divide that is once again pitting ‘us’ against ‘them’. Except this time, the ‘them’ could virtually be you, me or any one who slightly looks as if he/she doesn’t belong.

Arizona Rappers Unite & Deliver a Hard Hitting Song Protesting Immigration Bill

This is what True Hip Hop is all about.. I was very excited to see this..It apparently didn’t require a whole lot of red tape… It was simply a case of artists coming together and spitting truth to power. Commercial artists who we routinely hear on the radio missed abig opportunity by remaining silent and not taking the initiative to address this important issue..

Big shout out to the following Arizona artists… DJ John Blaze, Tajji Sharp, Yung Face, Mr. Miranda, Ocean, Da’aron Anthony, Atllas, Chino D, Nyhtee, Pennywise, Rich Rico, and Da Beast. Enjoy this video- for the new song ‘Back to Arizona-Rappers Protest Immigration Bill

If Bill White Talks to 'Us', He Can Beat Rick Perry

Former Houston Mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Bill White has been making a lot of noise lately on the national stage. He's been getting quite a bit of press including articles in a couple of well read publications like The NY Times and The Hill. There seems to be a lot of interest in whether or not the popular mayor can knock off Texas' longest-serving governor Rick Perry and swing the political pendulum of Texas in a decisive leftward direction even though for the record White likes to describe himself as a middle of the road type of guy. Be that as it may, with Rick Perry seemingly responding affirmatively to the loud and angry voices of the Tea Party, the more he moves to the right, the more White starts to shine.

There are No Such People as Illegals” and No Such Things as “Illegal Aliens”

Language is the tool we use to frame our thoughts and thought processes. Every time we use, or tolerate the use around us of the terms “illegal” and “illegal alien” we are allowing white American nationalists, white racists, to speak from our mouths. That can't lead to anyplace good.

Trae Tha Truth Stands Up for Artists & Launches lawsuit Against Houston Radio Station

Trae the Truth deserves major props for doing what far too many rappers won't do. He was willing to stand up and smash on a local radio station that decided to ban his music over some petty nonsense. He filed a lawsuit against Radio One's KBXX the Box in Houston.