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Houston Press Cover Story on Trae Tha Truth!By Shea Serrano

The man Shea Serrano really went and did the damn thing. This is the real deal story on what Trae is going through right now in regards to his situation with the Box. You done heard a lot so far, but this really breaks it down.

Love to hear the Box's side of this for real though.

CLICK HERE TO READ OUT THE BOX - Banned from KBXX 97.9, Trae tha Truth takes his case courtside.
By Shea Serrano

Why and How Do Corporations Get to Hire Cops? Austin Activist Debbie Russell Speaks Out

Here at the US Social Forum in Detroit we caught up with longtime Austin based activist Debbie Russell and spoke to her about the growing trend of corporations using cops as a private army or law enforcement wing. Our good friends at Alternet just published a Mother Jones article called Louisiana Off-Duty Cops Working for BP? Corporate Police State Watch...

DJ Eleven - Table Manners Crew & MORE!At Ace's Thursday Night!

The brother DJ Eleven comes to Ace's Thursday night So Real lets kick it. Table Manners Crew, Hobo D and way more will be reppin'! COME THRU!

And Be sure to download DJ Eleven's exxxclusive Devin the Dude Mix:

Danny Glover Breaks Bread w/ The Southern Shift at USSF 2010

Long time actor/activist Danny Glover is here in Detroit at the US Social Forum making the rounds and showing support. We sat down with him along with our radio colleague Nora Barrows Friedman and got his perspectives on the city of Detroit and it's important history in the Freedom and Labor Struggles.

Day 1 of USSF: Historic March for Social Justice in Down town Detroit

USSF Phillip RandolphDay 1 of USSF (US Social Forum) in Detroit. We caught up with a number of activists who poured out in the streets of Detroit for the historic march to Cobo Hall in downtown. Folks were there to let the world know social justice movements are uniting. An estimated 20 thousand took part.

Here in pt 1 we caught up with folks from Southwest Workers Union in Texas, Just Cause in Oakland and folks from Alto Arizona... All spoke to the pressing issues of the day. Check out the videos below..

Scion Music(less) Conference in Los AngelesLakers WinBoyzinadaze

I love stepping off a plane in Los Angeles, or any west coast city for that matter. I love taking off from Austin at 7:30 a.m. and arriving in LA at 8:30 a.m. If you fall asleep on the flight, you barely miss a beat.

And it’s always sunny in Los Angeles. I don’t know if I’ve ever been there when it’s rained at all but so much of that whole region is super lush and the air, while dirty has a certain life to it.

Blown in from the Pacific Ocean I suppose?

Anyway last week I rolled out to the Scion Music(less) Music Conference in Los Angeles, at the super fly Renaissance Hotel right there at Highland and Hollywood, next to the Chevron. More on the Chevron later possibly.

TONIGHT! The AustinSurreal ShowLIVE On Radio KAOS!

It's really goin' down tonight! If you haven't heard the AustinSurreal Show yet or in a while, it's our 20th Show tonight and it's REALLY GOIN' DOWN! Shit gone be so jammin'. I'd love it if you could tune in, leave me a message here, or send me a tweet. All the info is below!


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On Behalf of the State of Texas, We apologize for the Outrageous Remarks of Joe Barton

southern shiftLike the rest of the nation, we here in Texas were utterly horrified when Congressman Joe Barton who represents the 6th district in Texas, got on the stand and accused the President of these United States of trying to shake down a company (BP) that was beyond negligent in their duties.

The entire Gulf Coast is suffering and will continue to suffer for years to come and the very least that can happen is that a company that makes up to 63 milliion dollars a day can start compensating all the businesses that are shut down.