VIDEO: Target boycott flash mob

Last weekend, Target customers fed up with Target's shameless attempt to buy an election in Minnesota took their message straight to their local store—but with a great creative twist!

You have to check this video out:

Rep. Maxine Waters and the Upside Down Morality of Congress

Wall Street reversed its fortunes by seizing total control of the U.S. state and its treasure. No greater conflict of interest can be imagined than that which exists between bought-off Democratic and Republican office holders and corporations that are deemed "too big to fail." Yet "they're trying to burn" Black Congresswoman Maxine Waters "for the crime of giving the little guy an opportunity to plead his own case."

Shirley Sherrod’s Righteous Anger

As you read this excellent article from our friends over at the Black Agenda Report, one needs to keep in mind an important update that really brings this article home. In the midst of focusing on all that was wrong with the attacks and subsequent reaction to Ms Shirley Sherrod, what was lost was GOP Senators fighting to withhold 1.2 billion dollars that was set aside for Black Farmers who had a long court fight with the US Government.

Lebron, Gilbert & Jesse.. This is Bigger than Any Hip Hop Beef-But Who Wins when Millionaires Fight?

Everyone is talking about Lebron James and the brouhaha he has with Cleveland Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert.  Adding to the mix is Jesse Jackson. Lemme just say for the record this is not Hip Hop beef. It’s a beef between 3 men who have more money and resources than most of us could ever dream for… It’s important to not this because their beef becomes are distraction as we discovered the other night when Lebron’s ‘Decision’ where to make his next millions overshadowed the ‘Decision’ to slap an out of control cop on the wrist with manslaughter for the killing of unarmed Oscar Grant at the hands of the police.

Reverend Al Sharpton: Awaiting Justice... (Oscar Grant is on Our Minds)

It has been a year and a half since the fateful night a New Year’s celebration turned deadly for a 22-year-old Black man in California.  He wasn’t engaged in a gang transaction gone wrong, nor was he evading police or hiding somewhere as a fugitive.  No, Oscar Grant was handcuffed face down on the ground with a police officer’s knee pinning his neck when another cop decided to draw his weapon and shoot him in the back.  The single bullet ended his young life as his friends and a train station full of people watched on in horror.  And now, on the heels of a verdict in the trial against the accused officer, Johannes Mehserle, the revulsion only intensifies.

An Open Letter, A Call to Action to Our Hip-Hop Community: Put us Women on that Line-Up & Stop the Disrespect

Big shout out to DJ Kuttin Kandi for always speaking up and reminding all of us our responsibility. What makes this letter so important is that as much as we in Hip Hop like to smash on the troubling aspects of mainstream and corporate backed Hip Hop, our so called progressiveness and 'us keeping it real' stop at the front door when it comes to women. Something is seriously amiss, we can turn on the BET awards as much as we like to criticize, and see MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj and others hosting and performing and not see a cadre of women artists on the line up for a popular 'alternative' outlet like Rock the Bells. We all have to take a pause and ask ourselves some hard questions. Why and how is this happening?

Where’s PETA and the Angry Tea Party Crowd on this Gulf Oil Disaster?

Where the hell is PETA? Yeah i said it? Lemme repeat that incase I was misunderstood.. Where is PETA? You know them, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals... Where are those guys around this Gulf Oil Spill Issue?

For many of us this disaster didn't hit home until we started seeing dead turtles and pelicans immersed in oil come washing up on our shores. I mean we lost 11 people and for the majority of us, it was in one ear and out the other..

“Selective Terrorism” An Editorial by David Banner

April 19th marked the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh. While many gathered on that day to commemorate that tragic event, the act and others like it, continue to shed light on a fundamental hypocrisy in American society. The hypocrisy in question is the refusal of the American public to apply the term “terrorist” to anyone other than Black or Middle Eastern, Islamic radicals.


A Special Message to African Americans About the 'Illegal Alien Invasion'

I've written pretty extensively about the various attempts to divide Black and Brown communities over the immigration issue. At the root of this are racists who hate both Black and Brown but will conveniently show up and suggest to either group why they should hate and distrust the other. Blacks are often told that Browns are taking away jobs and that gangs on the west coast are attacking us indiscriminately.

There are No Such People as Illegals” and No Such Things as “Illegal Aliens”

Language is the tool we use to frame our thoughts and thought processes. Every time we use, or tolerate the use around us of the terms “illegal” and “illegal alien” we are allowing white American nationalists, white racists, to speak from our mouths. That can't lead to anyplace good.