Too many Funerals (Does Anyone Still Die of Old Age?) by D-Knowledge


Spoken word artist D-Knowledge dropped this song on his album 'All That and a Bag of Words'... We put a video together addressing the rash of recent untimely deaths - from Michael Jackson to Pimp C and most recently Baatin of Slum Village. Can we heal and properly grieve?

I still love GRIME!New Free Grime Mix from Logan Sama!Keepin' It Grimy

Straight up y'all, when I first heard UK Garage I wasn't totally sold on it. Then I heard a bit more, and it started morphing into Grime, and well, I was hooked. Don't get to hear much of it these days. Guess it's not hip with the hipsters anymore. I dunno, I still like hearing music from the streets from all over the globe, and I am not tripping.

Word to Logan Sama, the #1 GRIME DJ IN THE WORLD, for sending me his latest mix and allowing me to post it! You should thank him!


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Too Many Funerals, Too Many Early Deaths - No Time to Grieve

With the recent passing of Baatin of Slum Village, many of us have found this to be a bit too much. For fans of the group and Hip Hop in general, one is left wondering how in the world two mainstays from a group could be gone before 40? It’s been two years and I am still going to parties where DJs are doing tribute sets for producer and Slum Village co-founder Jay Dee aka J-Dilla. Some people say these tribute sets are done because dude was so dope and he was... but I think deep inside we play Dilla’s music to reconnect. It’s a way for us to consciously and unconsciously mourn and heal although we don’t all openly admit it. With Baatin passing there is no doubt tribute sets will intensify. I can only imagine what Baatin’s passing means to a city like Detroit which is still mourning the deaths of J-Dilla and Proof who was the unofficial mayor of the Motorcity. How has it effected people’s psyche?


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Memorial tribute organized quickly for rapper Baatin

 BaatinAs the sun set Sunday, members of the tight-knit Detroit hip-hop community gathered to pay tribute to one of Motor City rap’s brightest stars.

Titus (Baatin) Glover, the Detroit rapper who cofounded the acclaimed trio Slum Village, was found dead at the age of 35 Saturday morning.

“He taught me so much, not just musically but about life,” Miz Korona, the evening’s host, said Sunday. “The way he was on his songs was the way he was in life.”

Mo' Free Ctrl TX MP3's!REALITY RAP IS NOT DEADWorld Trade - New Big IdeaHood Soul - Law Abidin' Citizen

Just straight coming with that realness, and attempting to make up for being gone so long. Please pass this link around to all your peeps, for this here is another example of what's really goin' down out here right now in Central Texas (Ctrl-TX).

First up a new track from World Trade - Bavu Blakes & Element 7D.

DL - World Trade - NEW BIG IDEA

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I keep tell you that it's goin' down, and it's not gonna stop goin' down, it's just gonna keep on goin'.

Check this shit out. I hope to see all my NYC folks this weekend, for it hath been a while.

Friday Night, Savalas, 285 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11 p.m., FREE

Senari Presents The Panty Raid:

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CB20! The Continental Ballroom 20th Anniversary Event

Yeah it went down. And when I say it went down, I mean it really went down. Yeah, I say it a lot, cuz things do tend to go down in my life. Down in the good way, not in the bad way. Down in the sense that "MAN IT REALLY WENT DOWN LAST NIGHT" type of thing, not in anyway in any sort of negative sense, no, when I say it went down, I mean, man, yeah, it really went down. In the history books and such.

I'm fully aware that most of you have no idea what I am ranting about (nothings changed). But basically, these past two weeks I have been in Erie, PA. Where I was birthed and raised. A lot of y'all reading this are doing so because you know this blog from the HoustonSoReal days. Well, in a nutshell, I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. My dad moved to Houston on my 8th birthday (1980), and from that year on I started spending time in both cities. Hence the Texas connection.

AustinSurreal "Vacation" Almost OverSXSW 2010 Kicking into full swing

Hey just a quick note. Been dealing with some family stuff in my home town. My damn laptop is messed up and photoshop won't work. I will get back to blogging hard after the 1st of August.

Splain later, maybe.

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OK for now I am going to go back to cleaning an old country house and listening to classical music.

Pimp of the week: Governor Rick Perry

What do you call someone who wears nice suits, has good hair, and likes to exploit other people for personal gain, deriving income from the earnings of those he exploits? This person likes to tell the people he uses for his own ends that he's taking real good care of them.

Rick PerryTexas Governor Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor in Texas history and believes that voters need to reelect him in November, 2010. He represents 25 million Texans and loves to tell us how he protects us, even as his actions favor his own best interest at our expense.