Is Texas the Next Arizona? GOP takes a Hard Stance on Immigration

Immediately after Arizona passed it's controversial anti-immigration law SB 1070, leaders in Texas weighed in and gave their take on it. Some conservative Lawmakers immediately launched a petition drive to Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and Speaker of the House Joe Straus demanding that they get serious about dealing with the invasion of illegals that is transforming Texas, and give us a bill that's just as powerful and effective as the one that just became law in Arizona. This peitition was put forth via the Peter Morrison Report.

If Bill White Talks to 'Us', He Can Beat Rick Perry

Former Houston Mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Bill White has been making a lot of noise lately on the national stage. He's been getting quite a bit of press including articles in a couple of well read publications like The NY Times and The Hill. There seems to be a lot of interest in whether or not the popular mayor can knock off Texas' longest-serving governor Rick Perry and swing the political pendulum of Texas in a decisive leftward direction even though for the record White likes to describe himself as a middle of the road type of guy. Be that as it may, with Rick Perry seemingly responding affirmatively to the loud and angry voices of the Tea Party, the more he moves to the right, the more White starts to shine.

Remembering Robert Hicks and the Deacons of Defense

The story around Robert Hicks  and his group Deacons for Defense have all but been erased from public consciousness. You check on familiar touch points like YouTube and there's nothing there. Pictures are hard to find and articles are scant. The thought of armed Black men standing up to the KKK and successfully protecting lives and propert during the harsh days of the Jim Crow South is a scary thought for many. The truth of the matter is many African Americans did not sit back and just allow themselves to be beaten and terrorized by the KKK. Hicks represented an underplayed part of our history..

Is the New Middle Class Destined to Be Brutalizing Police Protecting the Rich?

I been saying this for a minute and will most likely do a radio show on this later this week, but as the economy worsens and the gap between the Haves and Have Nots widens, we are going to have some serious problems. One disturbing note is that an estimated 75% of the people do not trust the government. That’s playing out with the rise of militias, increasing threats by Tim McVeigh like domestic terrorists and just an overall overt disrespect for anyone in office. A lot of anger has been directed at President Obama, but increasingly more and more ire is being turned toward anyone in office.

Another 'Domestic Terrorist' Arrested Here in Texas-Law Student Threatens Deadly Force Against Dallas Abortion Clinics

One would think with the last week's conviction and sentencing of Scott Roeder the lunatic responsible for murdering abortion doctor George Tiller that other would be 'domestic terrorists' would get the message to to find another way to protest. Sadly for some they have become emboldened. Such is seemingly the case with Erlyndon Joseph Lo who has threatned abortion clinics in Dallas.

Trials of a Hip Hop Educator: Promoting Proper Education in Our Communities

Despite the growth in the development of Black, Latino, Native American, Asian and other cultural history curricula throughout the country, if we take a look at the current state of education and how it affects our youth, we can safely say that we are in the same state that we were back then, if not worse.

Great News -Henry 'Hank' Skinner Gets Last Minute Stay of Execution

Thousands of phone calls, emails and letters flooded the office of Governor Rick Perry who seemed unmoved and unphased to grant Hank Skinner a stay of execution so he could get DNA testing to prove his innocence. Its a claim he has always made since the 1993 New Year's eve triple killing of his then live in girlfriend Twila Busby and her two adult sons.

Testing Phobia: Texas Set to Execute Another Innocent Man

The bloody-minded, death-obsessed state of Texas, which has already
demonstrably executed at least one innocent man, Cameron Todd
Willingham (who was falsely accused and ultimately killed by the
state for the alleged arson "murder" of his two little children when
in fact they'd died because of a fire caused by an electrical fault),
may be about to execute yet another innocent man.

Black-Brown Unity: Ice Cube, Immortal Technique, Fat Joe , Alex Sanchez & Others Speak Out

In addressing the issue of Black/ Brown unity we caught up with popular rappers Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique and others and asked them to address the issue...

Fat Joe spoke at the Hip Hop Summit in 2001 and explained the political importance of the two groups coming together…

Is Ron Paul a White Supremacist?

With Texas Congressman Ron Paul winning the straw poll at last week's CPAK convention for who should be the next President, a few things came to the surface. First, we saw evidence of a split in the Republican Party when Paul got booed after it was announced he won. The conclusion I drew is that many in the GOP aren't too fond of the Libetarian oriented ideology of Paul and many of his followers. The other thing that came up is Paul's association with white supremacist groups who to this day express admiration for him.

 Two years ago during the New Hampshire primaries I interviewed Paul and asked him how he felt about having organizations like the Ku Klux Klan donating money to his campaign...