Send Citizen Sarah to Copenhagen

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Send Citizen Sarah to Copenhagen

Help vote up Citizen Sarah, blog lady and seasoned climate fighter at Public Citizen Texas, in the Hopenhagen Ambassador contest. If she wins, she'll go to Copenhagen for the International Climate Negotiations as Huffington Post's "Citizen Journalist". Texas leads the nation in global warming emissions, who better to represent you at Copenhagen than those fighting at ground zero? Check out her previous work at

Sarah started working as Public Citizen's media specialist shortly after graduating from Rice University in 2008. 

Unfortunately too few people in Texas think that what happens in Copenhagen matters here.  But it does.  We need to shift the debate from "is global warming real" and "what's this going to cost" to "the rest of the world is ready to fix this problem, and now it's time for Texas and the United States to lead the way!" 

Citizen Sarah can help make that happen. 
Vote for her today!