Houston Rapper Chingo Bling Talks Politics, Education, and the Science Behind his Custom Made Boots

Houston Rap Artist Chingo BlingWe caught up w/ Houston rap star Chingo Bling who talked to us about the upcoming Texas governor’s race, education, young people, and his love for custom made cowboy boots. Chingo noted that there’s a lot of things that need to be cleaned up and he’s not sure that any one person can fix everything because there are so many things that are broken… However, he does feel that education for the youth should be the priority. Make sure people are educated and everything else will start to fall into place...

Chingo also showed off his latest ‘trademark’ custom cowboy boots. This week he has the new ‘Air Chingo’ boots and is set to drop a new line of boots in 2010. Chingo shouts out Jesse’s Boots on College Avenue in Houston as the go to place for his latest boot fashion.


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