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Word on the Street: Meet Chicano Artist Gerardo Q. Garcia of San Antonio

We caught up w/ Gerardo Q Garcia at an event in Austin where he talked to us about murals, tattoos and art and its relationship to traditional Chicano traditions. He talked to us about the art he did for a book called Children of the Desert Mountain.

Word on the Street: Meet San Antonio Artist Gerardo Q. Garcia-keep Chicano Art Traditions Alive

We caught up w/ San Antonio’s Gerardo Quetzatl Garcia at Restencia Book store in Austin, Texas where he was part of a book signing for the release of a new chapbook titled ‘Children of the Desert Mountain’. Gerardo talked to us about murals, tattoos and art and their relationship to traditional Chicano culture. He talks to us about how is father inspired some of his work and how his parents came out of the Chicano Arts Theater in San Antonio during the 70s. He also speaks on the adjustments he had to make going from doing murals to inking up bodies.

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