Colorlines: 50,000 Deported From County Jails, And Counting

Ice ArrestsColorlines: A rapidly expanding federal program that checks the immigration statuses of anyone booked into state and local jails is creating SB 1070 like conditions all over the country, according to recently obtained data.

The program, called Secure Communities, sends Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) information on anyone in police custody. So far, it’s resulted in almost 50,000 deportations.

Restore Fairness

“Restore Fairness” produced by Breakthrough in association with 26 leading organizations, calls for the U.S. government to bring back due process and fairness to the immigration system. The video features the powerful voices of Congresswomen Zoe Lofgren and Lucille Roybal-Allard, Judges Dana Marks, Bruce Einhorn, civil society leaders Anthony Romero, Donald Kerwin, Karen Narasaki and Mallika Dutt as well as three very compelling personal stories with Jean-Pierre Kamwa, an asylum seeker from Cameroon, June Everett who lost her sister to immigration detention, and Walter Chavez and Ana Galindo, legal permanent residents who were victims of a warrantless home raid. Watch this story and take action to ensure that the U.S. government restores due process and fairness to our immigration system.

Restore Fairness: bring back due process to the immigration system from Breakthrough on Vimeo.