Healthcare Bill Passes-What's Our Next Step?

Healthcare should be a basic right guaranteed to all human beings no matter their race, color or creed. It should not be for profit ever... I want people to ponder on that thought for a minute as they either celebrate or bemoan last night's historic 'Yes' vote on healthcare reform. I want people, especially those who insisted that this needed to happen to ponder over this concept... This was a first step.... Lemme repeat that again, because maybe it hasn't sunk in... This was a first step...

Should We Vote for Healthcare reform in Its Current State?

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich says a 'Yes' vote to the current Healthcare Reform Bill is a 'give away' to insurance companies. Unlike his right wing Tea Party counterparts who are voting 'No' because they want the insurance companies to have more money, Kucinch is saying 'No' until the American people get more... With the margins in Congress? Super slim. What do you think?