Needle exchange Austin


Yes, in a most unholy alliance, the local needle exchange has decided to do a major promotion of their TOTALLY FABULOUS AND ROCKIN' T shirts during the holiday gift giving season.

Here's the online store where you can see for yourself how fabulous they actually are

AHRC girl in brown/yellow Virgin t-shirt

We're doing this because, well because...WE NEED MONEY

If you don't know, Austin has had an underground, illegal needle exchange for about 15 years. While we've always worked quietly, out of sight of the authorities (or so we pretend), we've rocked steady for a long long time, creating the oldest and largest, continuously-running underground exchange in the country.

But it would be safe to say this has been the hardest year in the needle exchange's history. A major grantor decided to no longer fund needle exchange--any needle exchange, not just ours. And our Project Director, who runs the van day to day, was ordered by his doctor off the van immediately because of his health (he is HIV and hep C positive). As a result we had to reduce the number of days the van goes out from 4 to 3, reduce the staff hours, as well as reduce the number of points any one client can receive, in order to save money.