The Lawmaker & the Doctor..Meet the 2 Most Dangerous White Women in America..Be Afraid Folks Be Very Afriad

This has been a painful and turbulent week for this country. Just when we thought people were starting to come together, bridges were being built and brighter tomorrows were looming on the horizon, here come not one but two individuals who have set this country and white womanhood back at least 100 years.

Is Ron Paul a White Supremacist?

With Texas Congressman Ron Paul winning the straw poll at last week's CPAK convention for who should be the next President, a few things came to the surface. First, we saw evidence of a split in the Republican Party when Paul got booed after it was announced he won. The conclusion I drew is that many in the GOP aren't too fond of the Libetarian oriented ideology of Paul and many of his followers. The other thing that came up is Paul's association with white supremacist groups who to this day express admiration for him.

 Two years ago during the New Hampshire primaries I interviewed Paul and asked him how he felt about having organizations like the Ku Klux Klan donating money to his campaign...

The Wisdom of Civil Rights Icon Dick Gregory-Racism, Haiti & Why Obama Won't Flex His Power

Dick GregoryLong time Civil Rights activist, author and comedian Dick Gregory made his rounds in Washington DC where he took in the State of the Union address and the Healthy Families USA convention. We caught up with Gregory and talked to him about the situation in Haiti. He pointed out some of ther glaring flaws in the relief efforts including the irony of having two men who don’t like each other, George Bush and Bill Clinton being the face for recovery operations.