25 Joints-Michael Jackson Forever Soulful

In the aftermath of the death of the best entertainer the world has ever known, we decided to go digging deep into our archives and present you with some gems that will bring a tear to your eye and yearning in your heart. Too many people are stuck on Thriller and Off the Wall and while they are indeed dope albums, there was a reason why Michael Jackson was such an engaging force prior to those releases. There was a reason why the King of Pop was loved all over the world and why musicians were always in awe of him..Michael Jackson had soul-serious soul. I'm talking they type of soul that sent chills down your spine and moved you to tear.
We found some of those gems for this week's 25 Joints..

Enjoy and RIP Michael Jackson

25 joints to Get U Thru 2Pac's Birthday

Since it's 2Pac's birthday we decided to lace you with a special 25 Joints to Get U through the Day.. This episode is grab bag of Pac's latest and greatest. Enjoy.


The Knox Fam-Destroy to Build

The Knox Fam consists of Seaeetle Hip Hop mainstays, Julie C, and Jermz from the supergroup Alpha P and well known producer DJ B-Girl. They came together to not only drop a nice album, but to also add to a serious community movement that the city's Hip hop community has been sparking.

In other words Knox fam are not simply rappers who are looking for commercial airplay or BET Love. Sure, they'll take it if offered. And they are more than talented to deserve it. However, what stands out first and foremost for the group is th at they are community activists and organizers who are part of a larger more vibrant scene. Its not good enough to just flow on the mic. Nowadays many of the city's heads are knee deep involved with some sort of organization or project. Maybe its 206 Zulu which has one of the larger and more exciting annual celebrations. Maybe its Hip Hop Congress which has Seeatle as it the site of its conference later this year (July 29-Aug2). Maybe its community outlets ...

25 Joints 12-A Cool Mix To get u Through

We went digging in the crates and pulled out an old mix from '93/94 to help get you through the day.. Enjoy the flavas

Meet Austin Hip Hop's Public Offenders

When many of us who don't live in the South, think of rap music coming from that area we sadly associate the music as being less then conscious or socially uplifting. And while it is true there are some artists who may just spit lyrics around the topics of bling, fancy rims and their pimping abilities, such topics were not created by Southern rappers nor are those topics their exclusive domain.

To the degree that one might label such topics as ignorance, bear in mind ignorance is everywhere. Its in New York-the birthplace of Hip Hop. It's in Cali-home to numerous socially conscious movements and organizations. Its found in mainstream rap and its found in the underground. Let's not get it twisted.

With that being said, it's important that we take time out and focus on those who are challenging our perceptions and more importantly doing the work. Deep in the heart of Texas are 5 individuals Black Prophet, Yoli, Lyricist, Phenom and Gator who is no longer in the group, who col...

Thembisa Mshaka Interview Put Your Dreams First

We sat down and spoke with long time industry vet Thembisa MShaka who just released her first book 'Put Your Dreams First [HYEB}. Its a abook that gives an important blueprint for women to follow as Mshaka interviews 90 prominent women from various fields within the entertainment industry.

During our interview we cover important topics such as; the early days of Bay Area Hip Hop and the role Thembisa and her all female crew from historic Mills College played in its development. We talked about the promotion and artist mangement companies the crew ran and how it was important for them to be business women who had impact as opposed to being performers

We talked about the importance of women being paid equal wages and how even in the entertainment field there is aserious pay disparity. We talked about the importance of getting a mentor and what to look for when seeking one out.

We also focused on some of the insights dolled out by some of the women featured including Vaness...

The Hard truth Soldier tour w/ Paris & TKash

We sat down and talked w/ Paris the Black panther of Hip Hop and T-KASH about their upcoming Hard Truth Soldier Tour.. We talked about why they did the tour, who is going to be on it, what they hope to accomplish, the science of putting on good performances, the Funkmaster Flex boycott and the most pressing issues facing us today..

Here's a brief rundown of the tour...

From the San Fransisco Weekly

Hard Truth Soldiers Tour Takes Over SF, Major American Cities
By Eric Arnold

Generally, when ASD receives a press release boasting about a show with “arguably the strongest lineup of socially-aware, hardcore hip-hop talent in recent memory,” we just shrug it off as pure hyperbole (and yes, to paraphrase Harry Allen, we normally don’t believe the hyperbole). But holy fucking guano, Batman! Guerilla Funk’s Hard Truth Soldiers Tour –which lands at Mezzanine May 2 with all the force of an anti-pirate sniper shot–can actually make such a claim and come off as credible.

The li...