Sb 1070

Colorlines: 50,000 Deported From County Jails, And Counting

Ice ArrestsColorlines: A rapidly expanding federal program that checks the immigration statuses of anyone booked into state and local jails is creating SB 1070 like conditions all over the country, according to recently obtained data.

The program, called Secure Communities, sends Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) information on anyone in police custody. So far, it’s resulted in almost 50,000 deportations.

Crimmigration Under Obama: Pushing Back Against the "Enforcement-only" Immigration Regime

Immigration enforcement under the Obama administration has continued almost unchanged from the “enforcement-only” regime perfected by the Bush administration, applying criminal enforcement tactics to the civil immigration system.

Eric Holder.. Hero of the Week

A lot of times we take some pretty hard swipes at folks who don't do right by our communities and we make no bones about it. This week we wanna shower someone with praise and a bit of caution.

We're talking about the top law enforcement officer in the land US Attorney General Eric Holder. In the past few weeks he's been on a roll. First he filed a law suit against the Neanderthals who sit in office in the Apartheid state of Arizona. Holder like many of us sees the new immigration bill SB 1070 that is not only too far reaching, but also not within the rights of the people trying to enforce it.

Florida Congressman & US Senatorial Candidate Kendrick Meek talks to Southern Shift TV About Immigration, SB 1070 and BP Oil Spill

Congressman Kendrick MeekWe caught up w/ Florida Congressman and US Senatorial candidate Kendrick Meek during the America's Future Now conference in Washington DC.

He weighed in on a number of topics including the Gulf Oil spill and as heard in this clip Immigration Reform and SB1070. Meek who is a former cop talked about how the new law will create major distrust between Law Enforcement and Immigrants

Texas Conservatives are Petitioning Gov Rick Perry to Follow Arizona's Lead and Adapt Apartheid-Like Immigration Bill

ICE RaidsWhy should folks in Texas be concerned about the new immigration law in Arizona? Because as we speak there are forces right here in the Lone Star state trying to bring the Arizona Apartheid-like law to Texas.. In a recent edition of the Peter Morrison Report a letter petitioning Rick Perry  Lt Gov Dehurts and Speaker Straus was sent asking them to follow Arizon's lead.

here's what was sent out

We know darn well most of us don't want this law in place. Folks in Texas are gonna have to gear up and get ready to fight..

Zack De La Roca of Rage Speaks to Arizona Immigration Law, Congressman Calls for Boycott gets Death Threats

In the wake of the country's harshest immigration law being passed by the state of Arizona, people from all over the country have stepped foward. Among them is Zack De La Roca of Rage Against the Machine. All of us need to pay attention to whats taken place in the Grand Canyon state and make sure that it doesn't spread to Tejas.

Below are some additional videos and information of what this bill is about and what the long term consequences will be...

'Let Me See Your ID'-Arizona's New Immigration Law Harks Back to Apartheid South Africa

Arizona Protest*update April 23 2010-Arizona Gov Janet Brewer just signed into law this crazy bill #SB 1070 which will allow police to stop and check your proof of citizen ship. President Obama spoke out and said the Bill is Misguided. Folks are saying he could've been more forceful..Below is a picture that has beenpassed around Twitter that explains this best..

This new law just passed in Arizona is something we must absolutely oppose. It masquarades as a much needed law to crack down on 'illegal immigration', but really it's an excuse to racially profile all types of people who are 'suspected' of being in this country illegally. Translation-if your Brown expect to be engaged by the police. This is not likely to be applied to white people coming from other countries..The whole scheme reminds us of what used to took place in Apartheid,  South Africa and currently takes place in Israel/Palestine.  With the passing of this new law, we say its time for Public Enemy to redo thjeir classic song 'By the Time I get to Arizona' where they protested Arizona not honoring Dr Martin Luther King's bday.. This time around they need to do it in Spanish.